Thad’s Roots

Thaddeus Kosse is a Colorado native. Though he was born and raised in Aurora, Colorado, he’s been residing in Georgetown for the 10 last years. Thaddeus, or Thad, has always had a passion for art. All throughout his schooling in his hometown of Aurora, he developed his skills and honed his style of art. After a brief detour from his artistic endeavors, he was able to reignite his passion for creating beautiful art and began drawing famous rock stars for his mother.  As he strengthened his skills once again, he branched out and started creating art with differing subjects – beautiful Colorado scenery, wildlife, and eventually personalized art for customers. Through it all, Thad’s passion and distinct style have prevailed and are evident in each unique piece of art.

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An Artist’s Perspective

Art allows you to see things through the perspective of the artist. ThadsRockArt is saturated and vibrant, incorporates a bold use of lines, and draws inspiration from the things all around. This includes local wildlife like horses, wolves, and burros, Colorado mountain scenes, and – of course – famous rock stars from the past and present. Catch a glimpse of what inspires Thad and see how it can inspire you too.

The Spark of Inspiration

Thad is passionate about drawing rare and creative pieces of art. It inspires him to see the spark of a personal memory when viewing his art. When Thaddeus Kosse creates, he aims to see that spark in someone else. Whether you’re feeling nostalgic, inspired, or simply content, ThadsRockArt draws out the best of memories in the viewer’s mind. These pieces are the perfect gift for the person who has everything – even if that’s yourself. Place art within your home or office so that spark of inspiration is always within reach.

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